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Communities by Language (5 Sites, 468 Hits) 02/09/2002

Featured Ring 

This ring includes community sites in all languages, all over the World. The emphasis is on the idea that languages help to determine the nature of a community, and vice versa. Sites talk about their own community, in their own language.

Model Languages Webring (8 Sites, 116 Hits) 04/29/2002
Featured Ring This webring is devoted to artificial languages (also known as invented languages or conlangs and constructed languages) such as Vesona, Furbish, Klingon, Esperanto, Atlantean and Tolkien's Elvish languages.

Circulo de Interlingua (5 Sites, 73 Hits) 05/28/2000
Featured Ring Iste Webring es un circulo de sitos super e/o in Interlingua, le unic lingua auxiliar international que pote esser comprendite per centos de milliones de humanos sin studio prior. (This Webring is a ring of sites about and/or in Interlingua, the only international auxiliary linguage that can be understood by hundreds of millions of people without prior study.)

Languages and Linguistics (19 Sites, 566 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring An Original WebRing dating back to 1996, it is for websites about languages and/or linguisitcs.

Spelling Reform and Simplified Spelling (6 Sites, 297 Hits) 06/23/1999
Featured Ring Orthography, or Spelling Reform, is a pursues the need for reforming the spelling of words.  Also, called the movement for simplified spelling.  It applies to English as well as other lanugaues.These websites provide a wide variety of opinions and suggested reforms. Most speaking adults would find these websites fascinating even if you don't like this idea. May

Sanskrit (5 Sites, 196 Hits) 01/06/2000
Featured Ring Sanskrit: the divine and oldest living language. Learn and enjoy!

Salvation & Bible Promises in Different Languages (8 Sites, 51 Hits) 02/06/2010
Featured Ring  




Sites in this web-ring has promises of God, including Eternal Life.

Rettung-und Bibel-Versprechungen in den verschiedenen Sprachen

Dieser Netzring hat Versprechungen des Gottes einschließlich ewiges Leben.


Promesas de la salvación y de La Biblia en diversas idiomas.

Este Internet-anillo-directorio tiene promesas de Dios incluyendo vida eterna.


Promesses de salut et de Bible dans différentes langues.

Cet Web-anneau a des promesses de Dieu comprenant la vie éternelle.


Endangered Languages & Cultures (3 Sites, 17 Hits) 04/30/2003
Featured Ring 
A ring of websites that promote,
preserve, and support ...

1.) indigenous peoples,
2.) endangered languages,
3.) old cultures, and
4.) historical information.

Latinteach (2 Sites, 177 Hits) 12/07/1998
The Latinteach Webring has been established for Latin and Classics educators, teachers and professors. Anyone interested in the teaching of the Latin language and Roman culture is welcome to apply for membership in the Latinteach webring.

Scots Gaelic (2 Sites, 15 Hits) 02/17/2002
Featured Ring 

A cèilidh circle dedicated to all who have an interest in Scots Gaelic language, music and culture calling in on sites which cater for the online Scots Gaelic community.

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